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How to split PDF files

This sample code creates a separate PDF document for each page of an existing PDF document. Files will be named as "filename-0.pdf" to "filename-N.pdf"

C# sample 1:

PDFOperation op = new PDFOperation("samplesplitfile.pdf", "");



The sample below uses "SplitFileInfo" class for custom splitting.

Page 1 through 3 will be filed as "Page 1-3.pdf".

Page 2 through 4 will be filed as "Page 2-4.pdf".

C# sample 2:

PDFOperation op = new PDFOperation("samplesplitfile.pdf", "");

SplitFileInfo info1 = new SplitFileInfo();

info1.beginPageNumber = 1;

info1.endPageNumber = 3;

info1.fileName = "Page 1-3.pdf";

SplitFileInfo info2 = new SplitFileInfo();

info2.beginPageNumber = 2;

info2.endPageNumber = 4;

info2.fileName = "Page 2-4.pdf";

op.SplitFile(new SplitFileInfo[]{ info1, info2 });


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