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Product License Price
PDFTechLib - Royalty Free Edition
PDFTechLib Single Developer $95.00 Buy
PDFTechLib 4 Developer
Team License
$285.00 Buy
PDFTechLib 8 Developer
Team License
$855.00 Buy
PDFTechLib Site License
(Unlimited Developers at 1 physical address)
$1,850.00 Buy
Annual Maintenance for PDFTechLib Component Library
1 Developer License Subscription Renewal $25.00 Buy
4 Developer License Subscription Renewal $75.00 Buy
8 Developer License Subscription Renewal $125.00 Buy
Site wide License      Subscription Renewal $375.00 Buy

**PDF/A 1b Standard:

The PDF Conversion to PDF/A Tool only supports the PDF/A 1b standard.


This license allows PDFTechLib to be distributed at runtime as an integral part of one or more applications owned by you or your company. This license is granted on per developer basis and cannot be distributed for software development purposes. PDFTechLib can only be installed on workstations for which it was licensed. For details on our licensing download the PDFTechLib License Agreement


The prices above include a full year of maintenance. Maintenance allows you to download new versions, get patches and receive email support. The product will continue to function as is without any limitations after the subscription runs out but we recommend that you renew your subscription.

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