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About PDF Technologies, Inc.

We are a dynamic organization with over 12 years of business experience. We strive to hire and keep the best and the brightest developers and executives whose focus is to create great products and keep happy customers.

At PDF Technologies, we prefer to see our customers as our business partners. We seek customer input on all new product enhancements and try to focus on quality and ease of use.

We realize that creating PDF documents may only be a small part of what our customers are trying to accomplish. It is that piece that we are trying to deliver as a great convenience.

Our vision is to become the preferred PDF Component provider and to help our customers get real business value from our tools.

As we strive to stay ahead of the curve in PDF development tools, we will continue to provide real value by keeping our tools simple, flexible and robust.

PDF Technologies, Inc. USA
1901 60th Place East
Suite L7314
Bradenton, FL 34203-5076