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Creating AcroForms using PDFTechLib

The following code snippet creates a PDF AcroForm that contains various controls.

C# sample:

PDFDocument MyPDF = new PDFDocument("AcroForm.pdf");

MyPDF.CurrentPage.Body.TextOut(50, 50, 0, "State :");

PDFComboBox cmbState = MyPDF.AcroForm.AddPDFComboBox("cmbState", new RectangleF(100, 50, 300, 20), false);

cmbState.Items.Add(new PDFListItem("Georgia", "GA"));

cmbState.Items.Add(new PDFListItem("NewYork", "NY"));

cmbState.Items.Add(new PDFListItem("Washington", "WA"));

cmbState.Items.Add(new PDFListItem("Florida", "FL")); cmbState.SelectedIndex = 1;


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