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Convert PDF to PDF/A (1b)

PDF/A for Long-term Preservation and Archive of PDF documents.

PDF/A (1b) ensures that the PDF document will look the same when it is accessed and or processed some time in the future.

PDF/A Conversion to PDF/A tool is a special tool that will validate your existing PDF files and check for compliance with the PDF/A standard. This tool is also capable of converting most of your PDF documents to become compliant with the PDF/A-1b standard.

It will scan PDF documents and identify all conditions that prevent the document from being PDF/A compliant. It will then attempt to remove all conditions that contribute to the problem. It will perform all the required actions such as embedding fonts (where possible) etc. and attempt to save the PDF file as a PDF/A file.

If you would like to convert your existing PDF documents to the PDF/A standard, download this great tool today!

Please note that we only support the PDF/A-1b standard with PDF/A-1a to follow at a later date.

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