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We set out to create the most robust PDF generation tool for developers. Our PDFTechLib is a full function class library developed with 100% Managed .NET code. You can use PDFTechLib to enhance your applications and deliver advanced PDF generation functionality. You can use it to build reports, generate response letters, build mail merge applications, fill server side forms and much more.

Our desktop tools will allow you to create robust PDF documents from text, extract text from PDF documents, Split and Merge previously created PDF documents and generate PDF documents from various image formats. We will continue to introduce additional desktop and server side tools.

In the course of our development, we strive to deliver functionality that keeps our developers in compliance with the growing number of standards and specs. Using PDFTechLib, you will be able to develop code that delivers standards based PDF documents that are not only 100% compliant with the PDF Standard but also compliant with the new PDF/A standard. The PDF/A standard is a new stardard that outlines the rules for archiving documents so that they can viewed and accessed just the way it was created many years from now.

Working with our tools and PDFTechLib is easy. We are continuously working on sample applications to assist you in your development cycle. We realize that creating PDF documents may only be a small part of your development effort so we have made every effort to allow the creation of PDF document with only a few lines of code.

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