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PDFTechLib Features | Drawing Support

  • Various Shapes
    Shapes such as Lines, Rectangles, Circle, Beizer can easily be rendered and colored.
  • Hatch Brush
    Support for hatch brushes
  • Graident Brush
    Support for Gradient Brushes
  • Layers
    You may add multiple layers on to the page canvas and adjust settings such as "Visible", "Invisible" etc.
  • Barcodes
    Support for Vector based barcodes. These are Code_2_5_interleaved, Code_2_5_industrial, Code_2_5_matrix, Code39, Code39Extended, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, Code93, Code93Extended, CodeMSI, CodePostNet, CodeCodabar, CodeEAN8, CodeEAN13, CodeUPC_A, CodeUPC_E0, CodeUPC_E1, CodeUPC_Supp2, CodeUPC_Supp5, CodeEAN128A, CodeEAN128B, CodeEAN128C.