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PDF SDK and Component for .NET | Text Features

  • Text Format Options
    Ability to set text rendering options such as
    • Align
    • Break Long Words
    • First Line Indent
    • Line Spacing
    • Orientation
    • Column Count
    • Clip Text
  • Multiple Columns
    Ability to text format options and columns. PDFTechLib supports two or three column page options.
  • Auto Text
    Auto text method support the flow of text to next page automatically if the added text does not fit the current page.
  • Justified Texts
    Text Format Options supports alignment parameters such as Left, Center, Right and Justified.
  • Text Boxes
    Using the text box functionlity, you may set text on any location on the page. You may also set properties such as rotate and clip.
  • Tagged texts
    Using the AddTaggedText method you may set text with embedded HTML tags. The following HTML tags are interpretted and supported:
    • font
    • b
    • i
    • u
    • st
    • br
    • sup
    • sub
    • a