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PDFTechLib C# , VB.NET, ASP.NET PDF Library | Interactivity Support

  • Acro Forms
    Support for Acro forms.
  • Form filling
    Ability to open an existing PDF document and filling form values.
  • Flatten acro form objects
    Ability to flatten form values in existing PDF documents.
  • Form filling with XML, FDF, XFDF
    Ability to fill forms with XML, FDF, XFDF
  • Attachments
    Ability to attach any type of document into an existing PDF file.
  • Annotation
    Ability to place any type of annotation to PDF files. Examples of annotation types that can be used are: PDFTextAnnotation, PdfRubberStampAnnotation, PdfLineAnnotation, PdfFileAttachmentAnnotation, PdfMarkupAnnotation, PDFCircleAnnotation
  • Bookmark
    Ability to place a bookmark any location of a PDF document.
  • Actions
    Ability to set actions such as:
    • Goto Page
    • import data
    • java script
    • launch
    • remote go to
    • reset form
    • submit form
    • url
    • visible control