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MicroPDF417 barcode class.

Namespace:  PDFTech.Barcodes.Barcode2D
Assembly:  PDFTechLib (in PDFTechLib.dll) Version: (


public class MicroPdf417 : MacroPdf417
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class MicroPdf417 _
	Inherits MacroPdf417
Visual C++
public ref class MicroPdf417 : public MacroPdf417


MicroPDF417 is derived from PDF417 and intended for applications where the symbol must be smaller than what PDF417 will allow. The code has a limited set of symbol sizes and a fixed level of error correction. One of three compaction modes can be specified: data, text or numeric. Text Compaction mode permits all printable ASCII characters to be encoded (values 32 to 126 inclusive) as well as selected control characters. Byte Compaction mode permits all 256 possible 8-bit byte values to be encoded. This includes all ASCII characters value 0 to 127 inclusive and provides for international character set support. Numeric compaction mode encodes only numbers 0-9.

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