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Postnet barcode class.

Namespace:  PDFTech.Barcodes.Barcode1D
Assembly:  PDFTechLib (in PDFTechLib.dll) Version: (


public class Postnet : BasePDFBarcode1D
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class Postnet _
	Inherits BasePDFBarcode1D
Visual C++
public ref class Postnet : public BasePDFBarcode1D


POSTNET is a barcode symbology that is used by the United States Postal Service to assist in directing mail. The ZIP Code or ZIP+4 code is encoded in this unique symbology that encodes data in half- and full-height bars. Most often, the delivery point is added, usually being the last two digits of the address or PO box number. The symbol is encoded very similar to the PLANET code except that each set of five bars has two large bars out of five.

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