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Pharmacode barcode class

Namespace:  PDFTech.Barcodes.Barcode1D
Assembly:  PDFTechLib (in PDFTechLib.dll) Version: (


public class Pharmacode : BasePDFBarcode1D
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class Pharmacode _
	Inherits BasePDFBarcode1D
Visual C++
public ref class Pharmacode : public BasePDFBarcode1D


Pharmacode is a bar code standard, used in the pharmaceutical industry as a packing control system. It is designed to be readable despite printing errors. Pharmacode is a directional bar code that can only be read in one direction. It can be printed in multiple colors as a check to ensure that the remainder of the packaging (which the pharmaceutical company must print to protect itself from legal liability) is correctly printed. The correct terminology for this is actually "Pharmaceutical Binary Code"

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