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NumlyNumber barcode class.

Namespace:  PDFTech.Barcodes.Barcode1D
Assembly:  PDFTechLib (in PDFTechLib.dll) Version: (


public class NumlyNumber : Code39
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class NumlyNumber _
	Inherits Code39
Visual C++
public ref class NumlyNumber : public Code39


It is a unique identifier that allows an author or publisher to assign to content and track licensing of each id assignment. Numly Numbers are useful if you wish to identify each electronic distributed copy of any form of electronic media. Media types could include: Blogs, Emails, MP3s, Videos, PDFs, eBooks, Software, Websites, etc. Numly Numbers can also act a third-party content submission time stamps to aid in copyright proving instances and emails. The Numly Number consists of a 19 digit number generated by an algorithm by Numly.com

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